When you trust Doctors Hospice you can be confident in our commitment to the highest standard of service and care. Our founders include a team of physicians who play a vital part in establishing the clinical directives of a patient’s individual care. Our team of hospice professionals will walk you through everything you need.

Core Values:

Compassionate Care: Our team of professionals will care for your loved one with patience and nurturing, making this stage of life as comfortable as possible.
Service Excellence: Our team will demonstrate their proficiency and medical expertise care.
Professional Integrity: Our team prides itself on keeping the focus on what is best for the patient, and doing so honestly with the utmost respect for the patient and the family.

Mission Statement:

We will deliver Compassionate Care to our patients. We will treat each patient and their families with Professional Integrity. Service Excellence is our goal for each and every experience and relationship that we build.

Doctors Hospice is accredited by CHAP, Certified by Medicare, and licensed by the State of Texas.